Company information - English summary

SEAL, Ltd., is a small IT company from Prague, Czech Republic. Founded 1992, it focused on bringing IT to public administration, and during 90's started to provide Internet based technologies to this sphere.

SEAL, Ltd., offers Internet publishing system to city halls, small towns offices, towns' assocations and also to non-profit organisations and helps them to create and keep their own web pages using this system.

The other business area we offer is custom database applications development. These applications work in web surroundings, and are usually developed for administrative bodies of Czech Republic - Ministry for Regional Development and Ministry of Agriculture, using special system of spatial identification codes (also called "geocoding" - system using indexes of towns, districts and other administrative areas, together with adressing system), attribute data joined with this codes and, at last, also GIS (map) data. We also offer ready-made (but customizable) map application based on Google Maps API.

In all of these fields, SEAL, Ltd. is asserting by its professionality, knowledge of public administration environment, low costs and also effort to satisfy its customers.

We are open to cooperate with foreign partners or English speaking partners in Czech Republic. In case of your interest, contact please Mr. Sojka, director, telephone number (+420) 224 256 502, or, the best way, via e-mail to adress We are looking forward to possible cooperation.

Postal adress:
SEAL, s.r.o.
Koubkova 10
120 00 Praha 2
Czech Republic